Born in, Italy — working in Switzerland.
I am a passionate problem-solver who loves to turn complex requirements into simple and engaging software.

Currently empowering and educating blockchain users with the help of design thinking, prototyping, and data analytics at Eidoo.

6+ years working on a wide range of products and SaaS, including native and mobile web apps, finTech solutions, eLearning platforms, marketing automation tools, and social networks.

I'm afraid of heights but hey, the Table Mountain was totally worth it!
UX Design
UI Design
Usability Testing
Visual Design

I love to create solutions that are truly desirable, feasible and delightful for both business and customers.

I believe in working closely with end-users from the very beginning — adopting an iterative process that starts with empathy and problem definition.

I always involve a diverse team in the ideation phase, before converging and validating low to high fidelity implementations with real users.

Problem Understanding
Problem Definition
Concept Sketching

Certifications & Courses