PlainFlow — Behavior based customer journeys for your SaaS

In 2017 I was hired by Leo to design PlainFlow from scratch

I was thrilled to work on a side project, and I spent nights and weekends to collect ideas, challenges, and possible solutions on a huge foldable paper that covered the entire table.

I designed the
product, brand and visualsbasically everything required to go live.
Love the problem, not the solution
Some illustrations I made for the website
When we looked at traditional marketing automation tools, we were seeing only email-centric products.
For years, marketing tactics had been consolidating around the same playbooks. Everyone sent out the same emails and automated the same drip sequences.

That was a lot of same to a lot of people.

Modern marketing teams were starting to think of marketing as being served by a constellation of independent microservices (similar to Software development) that were extremely optimized for change and that could quickly evolve along the way.

That's why we wanted to build PlainFlow.

Most popular integrations

Automated workflows

Designing for multiple integrations
Enabling customers to connect PlainFlow to third-party tools required a custom experience for all the integrations we wanted to support.

The interface had to provide context on what the customer was editing while showing the impact on the entire workflow.

We opted for a directed acyclic graph to support logic conditions and we dedicated a node to each step of the journey.

Each node triggered an editable panel with an integration recap that covered just ⅓ of the screen.1

When a setup required advanced data fields, the editor adapted to take the entire portion of the screen.2

1. Zapier integration node overview

2. Slack message complete setup

Almost there
The goal was ambitious, but we managed to successfully launch the product thanks to the work of an incredible team:
Leo, Antonio, Antonio
Plainflow - Behavior-based customer journeys for your SaaS | Product Hunt Embed
Alas, after a series of unfortunate events, PlainFlow is no longer live
but well — that's a whole different story.